DeWalt 12V Max Cordless Drill/Drivers

WOOD magazine rating


* The maximum initial voltage on 12-volt max batteries (measured without a workload) is 12-volts. Measured under a workload, nominal voltage is 10.8.
* Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
* 3 LED Lights provide visibility without shadows
* One-handed loading 1/4" hex chuck accepts 1" bit tips
* Belt hook included for portability

WOOD magazine review

Compact drills and drivers pack surprising punch

Review Summary

Although one of the last tool companies to tap into the 12-volt, lithium-ion cordless tool market, DeWalt nonetheless turned out a fantastic set of drills and drivers featuring this battery technology. We tested three models that best fit woodworking—a power screwdriver, standard drill, and impact driver. The drill led the way by driving an eye-popping 306 screws per charge—almost 50 more than the drill that topped the prior test.
The screwdriver finished close behind, averaging 297 screws, and the impact driver tallied 223. All three tools also fully seated a 3⁄8 × 2" lag screw in pine with no difficulty, and the impact driver seated a 1⁄2 × 2" lag screw. None of the other tested drills could do that. Impressive. Three LED lights circling the 1⁄4" quick-connect chuck on both the screwdriver and impact driver illuminate the work area without shadows. But the drill’s single light, located just above the trigger, doesn’t light the work area as well. Each comes with a 35-minute charger and two slide-mount battery packs. This mounting position also allows for a thinner handle and grip, which I prefer to the thicker ones featuring insert batteries. If you could buy only one of these tools, go with the screwdriver. It costs $20 less than the other two and will accommodate many driver bits; you can use a higher-voltage drill to bore holes.

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