Black & Decker Palm Driver

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Black & Decker


* Compact screwdriver with lightwieght frame fits into small spaces
* Wall-mounted charger provides convenient, easy-to-access storage
* Delivers 48 inch/lbs. of torque for a powerful screwdriving action
* Weight: 2.6-pounds
* 2-year warranty

WOOD magazine review

Black & Decker Li3000 Palm Driver

Review Summary

At half the length and one-sixth the weight of a 14.4-volt drill/driver, Black & Decker’s 3.6-volt Li3000 feels more like a hand tool than a power tool. On a full charge, the Li3000 drove 41 2" screws into unpiloted stock in about 10 minutes, although it did not fully seat most of them. After recharging the battery (a six-hour wait), we used the Li3000 for other shop tasks.
It was able to drill 5/32" pilot holes into pine, but we discovered the 1/4" hex chuck—which has a spring clip that presses against the bit’s base—would not hold the bit to back it out, so we had to pull it out by hand. To our surprise, the Li3000 drove 62 #8×1" screws into pilot holes in pine before the battery gave out. The single-speed, 180-rpm driver has a large handle trigger that grips comfortably with three or four fingers. But the three-position drive-direction switch atop the driver felt awkward to operate while gripping the tool. (The middle position locks the driver so you can use it as a screwdriver.) The tool includes a set of 40 hex drive bits.

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