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Porter-Cable 20V Drill/Driver

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Porter Cable


• High output motor delivers 330 Unit Watts Out
• 2 Speed gear box (0-400/0-1,600) delivers the speed and power to complete large and small applications fast
• Metal ratcheting chuck minimizes bits slipping in chuck
• Battery fuel gauge displays charge remaining in the battery
• LED work light provides additional light in dark work areas
• 7.75" length easily fits into tight spaces
• 3.5 lbs. is lightweight and minimizes fatigue
• Lithium Ion battery with 1.5 amp-hour cells deliver power and runtime in a small package

Reader Reviews

Porter Cable 20V Max Drill_Driver

Review Summary

1) Packaging: Arrived packaged extremely well with detailed instruction manual and warranty card. 2) Initial Charge Time: The product came with two compact 1.5AH batteries. The initial charge time out of the box for the first battery was 25min and the second was 20min. The charger was just slightly warm to the touch after completion of the two charges. 3) Battery Charger: Is well made and has a quick reference guide to explain the lighting system and battery status.
The charger can indicate the following diagnostics - a) Fully charged; b) Charging; c) Hot/Cold Pack Delay. The manual also indicates Problem Power Line if using sources like portable power generators. The manual indicates that it takes approximately 40-60 mins to charge a battery. The batteries snapped into the charger tight and smoothly. 4) Carrying Case: Made out of medium grade molded plastic (Porter Cable could have used a more durable carrying case. Also, the metal closure clips don't snap like most cases I have had with other tools very securely. I would prefer a stronger locking action. Cheaply made case in my opinion). The case will hold all items included which are as follows: a) Drill with attached 1.5AH compact battery; b) Extra 1.5AH compact battery; c) Battery charger. (The carrying case is not made and will not hold the 3.0AH model batteries if you desire to invest in upgraded batteries). A nice little feature with the case design though is you have a little room to put extra bits or items of desire within the case. 5) Drill/Driver Design: I love the color scheme Porter Cable invented for this new product (Very attractive). Porter Cable put a lot of R&D into this product on the weight (3.5lbs) to size comparison was excellent, balance, ergonomics and comfort were beautiful (rubber hand grip). I have small hands and with this new drill there are no problems I found while operating it. The adjustable torque control has 22 settings starting at 2 and a drill setting for all applications. There is a dual range gearing system. The first speed range number 1 (Low-Speed, High-Torque) operates between 0-400 RPM and the second speed range number 2 (High-Speed, Low-Torque) operates between 0-1600 RPM. There is a single bright LED work light built into the unit just above the trigger mechanism and worked phenomenally well. The forward/reverse mechanism was easily accessed and I had no problems operating it while in use. At the top-rear of the drill you have two magnetic spots to add your drill bit accessories. 6) Batteries: This particular product test came with two 1.5AH compacts. They are a very nice design and easy to manage. The biggest feature is that once they are loaded into the drill you have a battery fuel gauge to indicate the current status of the battery (I so love this feature). The batteries slide and snap into the drill nicely. 7) Additional Parts: For the extras, 1) This unit came with only one magnetic bit (Philips at one end and Flat at the other). This item attaches to the top of the drill by its magnetic force (I really do not like this design as you will definitely lose your bits sooner or later. I just leave mine in the case until I need them). 2) The belt clip is a nice feature if you need your hands free at anytime. It is held onto the drill with only one screw, but definitely tight. You can either put it on the left or right side of the drill and it will still fit into the carrying case. Testing Process: I performed two test results with this unit. The first was with a new 1" Spade Bit and the second was with a new 2 1/8" Foster Bit. All tests performed were on a wood thickness of 1 3/4". Below are the results of the testing process: Test 1: New 1" Spade Bit (Never Used Before) Speed setting - 1 (0-400 RPM) Adjustable Torque Control setting - Drill mode Drilling Time to Deplete Battery - 12 mins Battery Recharge Time After Depletion - 31 mins Holes Drilled - 15 3/4 Upon performing this test, I had an issue with the test wood releasing from the workhorses. When this happened, I was able to really feel the amount of power/torque that this drill has (This small but very mighty drill could have taken my arm off sort of say. The drill fell onto the cement floor from a height of approximately 3 feet and with stood the impact no problems (This was not to be included in the test, but an extra bonus for us all). Upon performing this test the drill/driver got very warm, but to be expected I guess for what I put it through in a fast demanding 12 mins. Test 2: New 2 1/8" Foster Bit (Never Used Before) Speed setting - 2 (0-1600 RPM) Adjustable Torque Control setting - Drill mode Drilling Time to Deplete Battery - 4 mins Battery Recharge Time After Depletion - 57 mins Holes Drilled - 5 1/2 Prior to performing this test, I let the drill cool down for approximately 23 mins. As stated before, the drill/driver got very warm, but to be expected I guess for what I put it through in a fast demanding 4 mins. Final Results: Overall, I definitely recommend this product, lots of power/torque and excellent design. I would have given 5 stars except for the following that I would like to see changed in this unit as a whole. Porter Cable should redesign the magnetic bit attachment holder to a more secure one and have the carrying case made out of a more durable heavy-weight plastic, plus possibly have the carrying case larger for room to insert the 3.0AH upgraded batteries if people desire this. Cheers, John Collette

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