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Panasonic 18V Cordless Drill



Construction and maintenance professionals often switch between driving and drilling tasks throughout the day. The Panasonic 18-volt 3.3Ah EY7450LR2S (EY7450X tool only) 1/2" drill and driver kit is built to take on both jobs with the versatility and power that general construction, plumbing, finish carpentry and electrical installation workers need to do the job efficiently and professionally.

The compact drill can produce 478 inch/lbs. of torque so it can take on tough tasks such as drilling up to 1-7/16"-diameter holes in wood or 1/2"-diameter holes in metal. In driving mode, the power screwdriver can drive 5/16"-diameter wood and 1/4"-diameter self-tapping screws easily and repetitively.

The drill and driver beefy four-brush motor puts out power and takes on difficult tasks with much less chance of burning the motor out on jobs users sometimes expect the tool to do.

The variable speed, reversible tool has a two-speed transmission that efficiently converts the motor's power into drilling/driving power. Users will find the 50-430 RPM low speed helpful in deep wood-drilling and -driving jobs, while the 160-1,650 RPM high speed works best in most metal drilling jobs. An electric brake stops chuck spin instantly when the trigger is released. A built-in LED light makes work in dark areas easier and a belt hook keeps the drill close at hand when it's not in use.

The 18-stage clutch lets the user adjust driving force to the job. It adjusts from approximately 8.8 to 61 inch/lbs., so driving force can be matched to driving needs without overdriving or stripping fasteners.

At just 4.7 lbs. including battery, the power drill and driver's lightweight and ergonomic design helps keep the user's wrist in the neutral position. The lightweight and tool design work together to cause less fatigue and improve tool control.

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