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DeWalt 20V Cordless Compact Drill

WOOD magazine rating


* Voltage: 20V MAX*
* Maximum Power: 350 UWO
* # of Speed Settings: 2
* Maximum RPM: 2000
* Clutch Settings: 15
* Chuck Size: 1/2"
* Chuck Type: 1/2" ratcheting
* Tool Weight: 3.4 lbs.
* No Load Speed: 0-600/0-2000 RPM
* Tool Length: 7.5"

WOOD magazine review

Compact, and better suited to a workshop

Review Summary

DeWalt’s newest line of cordless drills, dubbed 20-Volt Max, features slide-on lithium-ion battery packs, giving each tool a slimmer, more comfortable grip, which equates to less user fatigue.
(DeWalt markets this line of tools as 20 maximum volts on a full charge, although just a few years ago we’d have called this an 18-volt tool based on the number of cells in the packs.) We put this compact drill/driver (as well as the larger full-size model) through a series of tests, drilling holes of varying sizes and driving screws and lag bolts. DeWalt's full-size model (DCD980L2) trumps the compact in torque and, because it comes with 3-amp-hour battery packs, run time. But at nearly 6 lbs, it’s a big tool to lug around the shop. For general workshop use, we prefer the compact DCD780C2 that comes with 1.5-amp-hour battery packs, has two speed ranges, and a lighter-duty chuck. It weighs 2 lbs less than the DCD980L2, and has plenty of power to handle all the jobs we threw at it. That said, its batteries heated up while drilling 1" holes in 2×6 pine, causing the built-in electronics to shut it down. Once it cooled off, this drill picked up where it left off. (A DeWalt rep said this is normal.)

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