DeWalt 12V Two-Tool Kit

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* DCD710 3/8" drill/driver
* DCF815 1/4" impact driver
* 12V MAX Lithium-Ion batteries
* Fast charger
* Bit tip
* Belt hooks
* Contractor bag

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I bought this combo about a year ago and added the screwdriver to the set. When I first got them, I had some issues - a couple of the batteries didn't charge correctly and the drill chuck failed - but I took them down to my local Dewalt fix-it place and they promptly fixed the problems. These are probably some of the most used tools in my shop. They are small and light, but very powerful. The impact driver can drive a 3 inch screw into alder hardwood without a pilot hole.
The drill can handle bits my older 14V Hitachi drill handled. Battery life if very good and the batteries charge quickly. Being lithium ion batteries, they don't lose their charge between uses. I recently had to knock some drying racks for shelves together for a large bookshelf project and we drove over two hundred screws part way into the ends of the shelves without changing batteries. Each of the units comes with a belt clip that is handy. Because the units are light, they don't drag your pants down. I just clip it on my pocket and it is right where my hand needs it. Each unit also has LED lights on it. The screwdriver and impact driver have three LED's and they work great. Pull the trigger just a bit and you get the light without the driver starting. The LED on the drill isn't a good because of the nature of the beast. The drill chuck gets in the way of the light beam, but it still works good enough. The handgrip on all of the units if very comfortable. The drill has a keyless chuck that grips well if you tighten it until click a few times. The hex chuck on the impact driver and screwdriver works very well. Just slip the collar forward to release a bit and stuff the next bit into the hole to secure it. One hand bit changes are a breeze. The screwdriver is only about 5 or 6 inches from the tip of the bit to the back of the motor housing, allowing you to get into small places. It weighs very little and you can use it all day without fatigue. The clutch works reliably, so you don't have to worry about overdriving a screw. It has plenty of omph for driving larger screws without problems, especially if you use a pilot hole in hardwoods. The impact driver is similar in size to the drill. I have driven 5/16 inch lag screws with it without problems. The impact is a bit noisy - I grab my ear muffs if I expect to do any heavy driving, but it isn't any louder than other impact drivers I have used. This little beast is really handy. If you are on the lookout for a good, physically small and lightweight set of drivers, give theses a hard look. I really like mine.

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