Ryobi 6-Port SuperCharger

WOOD magazine rating


* Charges, maintains, and stores up to SIX 18V Ryobi ONE+ Batteries
* Charges Ni-Cad and Lithium-Ion 18V Ryobi ONE+ batteries
* Conserves Energy: EnergyStar qualified: enters Energy Save Mode when not charging or maintaining
* Quick-release wall mount bracket (included) securely mounts to wall; organizes, maximizes workspace
* Batteries lock in place securely for easy transport

WOOD magazine review

SuperCharger saves, space, energy, battery life

Review Summary

It’s an age-old woodworker’s dilemma: should you store cordless-tool battery packs off the charger, where they’ll gradually lose their charge; or store them on the charger, where “trickle” charging gradually cooks the battery chemistry away and shortens the pack’s life? Ryobi solves that problem with the SuperCharger. This portable, multipack station charges any 18-volt Ryobi cordless-tool batteries in an hour or less, and then checks each pack periodically and tops it off when needed.
The SuperCharger proved so efficient that it cost us only a penny a day to keep four packs (a mix of nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion units) charged—the same cost as charging and storing a single pack on the charger that came with our tools. Separate LED indicators for each of the six ports display the current charge condition of each pack. We mounted the SuperCharger on the shop wall using the included mounting bracket, freeing up counter space from a clutter of individual chargers. The device dismounts quickly from the bracket, and has a handle for hauling the whole thing to a worksite.

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