CNC Shark Routing System

CNC Shark
CNC Shark


Bring the speed and precision of computer-controlled machinery to your shop with this top value CNC Shark® system! With a table measuring 15.75" x 31.5" it’s ideally suited for carvings and machining operations on a large variety of signs, doors and other small projects. It boasts impressive power, speed, accuracy, and ease of use. With its robust steel and high-density poly-ethylene construction, it can take accidental impacts that would normally damage or destroy an aluminum or MDF machine.

The included Clamping Table features two hold-down slots for securing work anywhere along the length of the table. The unit comes with two hold-down clamps (additional hold-downs are available separately). It is fully compatible with the Bosch Colt Palm Router and includes a 1/2" diameter V-groove router bit. The CNC Shark also includes the new version (6.5) of the VCarve Pro w/Cut 3-D software package — over $900 value. You supply a PC computer with USB 2.0 port and a Bosch Colt router (router sold separately). Simply connect the USB cable to the controller box and the other end to your computer (not compatible with Apple products).

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