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A thin-bodied lubricant uses friction reducer technology for smooth meshing between gears. Does not build up or become tacky; sheds dust and debris. Also repels moisture and prevents corrosion.

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Lubricate machine gears without gunk buildup

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It's ironic that the lubricants we use to make the elevation and bevel gears of our tablesaws operate smoothly attract dust like a magnet, gumming up the very mechanisms we seek to free. We don’t relish reaching inside my cabinet saw to brush away that pasty gunk, and since we started using PG2000 Penetrating Lubricant, we no longer have to.
Designed originally for bicycle chains (another mechanism that gets gritty in use), this waterlike aerosol spray creates a molecular-level barrier between metals to reduce friction. After wiping away most of the greasy sawdust around the gears inside my tablesaw, we sprayed PG2000 on them, then worked it in by moving, sliding, and cranking the parts that make contact with each other. Although the mechanisms operated smoothly for a few days, they seemed to stiffen again, so we applied more and called the folks at ProGold. They said it’s normal to apply it frequently at first. Sure enough, after a few applications, it seemed to last much longer before needing reapplication. We now apply PG2000 under our tablesaws about once a month as a matter of maintenance (you may go much longer, depending on how often you use your saw), and it takes just seconds to apply. We've also used it successfully on a drill press, jointer, and portable planer.

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