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TS Tool VersaClamp

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Versa Clamp can mount to a sawhorse or workbench, using included brackets that will allow the Versa Clamp to rotate. Clamping force is over 400 lbs and hands remain free to operate tools. Made in USA

WOOD magazine review

Full-on clamping pressure with a flick of a lever

Review Summary

Remember the days when every clamping operation was a chore because you had to twist a handle or crank to tighten the jaws? Pistol-grip style bar clamps made the job easier, but VersaClamp simplifies clamping even more with a lever-activated cam to apply pressure. Like a clamp-on tool guide, you simply slide the movable jaw so that both jaws touch the assembly you want to clamp, and then push the lever down. Instantly, 400 psi of pressure is applied to the joint.
(By comparison, pistol-grip bar clamps deliver about 200–250 psi; a threaded-jaw clamp can go to 1,000 psi.) Mount a VersaClamp to the front edge of your bench or sawhorses using the optional brackets, and it acts like a tail vise and bench dog to secure a workpiece while you work it. You can still easily remove the clamp for handheld use, but the protruding brackets left behind tended to catch on my pockets. I wound up leaving a clamp in the brackets most of the time to prevent that. The only other downside is the price. A 20"-capacity VersaClamp runs $35—about the same price as a 24" Bessey K-Body clamp that boasts large, parallel jaw faces and more clamping pressure. —Tested by Randy Zimmerman

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