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Stretta Extendable C-Clamps

WOOD magazine rating
Stretta Inc


* Clamps adjust through their full range in 1/8" increments.
* Durable powder coat finish, nickel plated pivot arm and zinc plated screw - large anvils with protective caps ensure good contact.
* Stretta Extendable C-clamps come in four size ranges: 2–3", 3–5", 4–7", and 5–9".

WOOD magazine review

C-clamps open wide, and then close quickly

Review Summary

C-clamps have been around about as long as dirt, but have fallen out of favor in the woodworking shop over the last 20 years or so. As life got faster, we got less patient, and quick-adjusting one-handed bar clamps left the tedious C-clamp in their dust. Now Stretta’s Extendable C-clamps threaten to bring old-school clamps back in vogue.
The “fixed” jaw on this all-steel clamp isn’t really fixed at all: Tilt the jaw in, as shown in the photo, and it slides inside the body of the clamp to expand or reduce the clamping capacity. Tilt it back and it locks back in rock solid. (The jaw locks in at 1/8" increments.) After a little practice, I found it easy to get within 1/2" or so of the size I needed just by eyeballing it. Although they’re still not quite as fast as the ever-present one-handed bar clamp, Extendable C-clamps provide the same incredible clamping pressure as an ordinary C-clamp, with no observable flex. The soft pads that cover the steel jaws prevented workpiece marring, despite that stout clamping pressure. —Tested by Dean Fiene

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