It’s like when someone first figured out the solution to overcrowded parking in a city: Go vertical. That’s what the makers of R&R Clamp have done with their unique stackable clamps.
With space always at a premium in home and professional workshops, this clamping system allows you to glue up and clamp multiple assemblies by stacking them like floors of a parking garage. Here’s how the system works: First, you screw two alignment bars to a plywood base, making sure to keep them parallel to each other. Then, when you attach two clamps onto these bars (at any of the multiple mounting slots), they’re dead-on square every time. Glue up your workpieces, place them between the jaw clamps, and then tighten using your drill and a 3/4" socket and adapter (included). To stack clamps simply place them on top of each other as you align the interlocking position pins. Besides being able to clamp up more assemblies in a limited benchtop space, I found that by the time I got six panels glued and stacked the bottom one was ready to take out. I loosened the bottom clamps and removed that panel without disturbing any of the others. Then, I glued up another panel and put it into that one’s place. Don’t use excess glue or it will drip onto panels below. Or, place wax paper between layers. —Tested by Steve Feeney



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