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Rockler 3-Way Face Clamp

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These exceptionally adjustable clamps are especially well-suited for clamping face frames to the cabinet carcass, and for edging shelves. Since they clamp to the front edge of the panels, the sky is the limit when it comes to cabinet depth, and they'll work even when the cabinet back is already attached. With quick-release acme threads, it's easy to adjust the clamp to wrap around wide stiles, whether the panel is flush with the edge of the frame or not. Non-marring pads ensure you won't dent the frames in the process. Light weight and compact, they're easy to move around and store. Clamp opens enough to clear a 5" wide frame (panel centered) or 3" wide frame (panel flush with edge). Patent Pending.

WOOD magazine review

3-way face-frame clamps replace long ones in short order

Review Summary

We're usually skeptical of specialty clamps, but we love Rockler’s 3-Way Face Clamps because they eliminate the need for long clamps when installing face frames. They also solve the dilemma of clamping middle face frames that can’t be clamped when the back has been installed or another project part gets in the way. Simply tighten the facing jaws onto the cabinet side, and then snug the center jaw against the frame.
We assembled several cabinets and a large credenza using these clamps, and they worked like gems every time. The large knobs enabled us to apply force easily, and the aluminum clamp body never bowed. The jaws swivel a few degrees in all directions to easily clamp curved and angled projects, and their protective pads won’t mar the wood surfaces. And we like the yellow quick-release buttons on the horizontal jaws that help make for quick adjustments.

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