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Pony ISD Hand Clamp

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These hand clamps have an innovative "box-joint" design which prevents twisting and keeps the jaws square and straight. The patented adjustment mechanism allows for infinite adjustments not found in competitors hand clamps. The comfortable "dual durometer" handles provide a comfortable soft grip and the 2.25" & 4" sizes have riveted jaws. Very affordably priced and a great value for a versatile clamp.

WOOD magazine review

Pony ISD Hand Clamp

Review Summary

I’ve used a lot of Jorgensen clamps in my shop, so I was glad to see the company introduce a new line of one-handed clamps, called ISD Bar Clamps. The soft, molded surfaces on the pistol-grip handle and trigger feel more comfortable in my hand than the hard plastic surfaces of my other one-handed bar clamps. Equally impressive are the ISD hand clamps, sold under the “Pony” brand name. Like other clamps of this style, you can control the amount of clamping pressure you apply.
But, instead of the click-click-click steps of most such clamps, the ISD Hand Clamp uses a clutch that lets you stop anywhere for complete control over clamping pressure. I also like the Pony’s pressure release lever, which doesn’t lurch when triggered.

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