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Kreg Auto Adjust Bench Clamps

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Auto Adjust technology maintains consistent clamping pressure
Heavy-duty all-metal construction ensures strength and durability
Automaxx Bench Clamps automatically adjust to any thickness
Tremendous clamping force that's easy to regulate
The KKS1120 Bench Clamp offers a 3-Inch reach and clamps materials up to 21/2-inches thick
---Automaxx Bench Clamps from Kreg make bench top clamping faster and easier than ever. These clamps feature new technology that adjusts the clamps automatically, eliminating the need to readjust the clamp for every change in material thickness. Just squeeze the padded handles and the clamp locks the material in place on the bench top, no matter what the thickness. Automaxx Bench Clamps also feature easy-to-regulate clamping force that you can simply set and forget. Automaxx technology maintains the desired force every time. In addition to these great features, Automaxx Bench Clamps feature extra-large clamp faces, comfortable padded handles and heavy-duty construction.

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Pricey but nice !

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If your working a lot with different thicknesses of material than these would be a real time and hassle saver. These newer Kreg clamps are not as beefily built as their old ones but are lighter and seem to be just as strong and well built. I found out from a Kreg rep. that Kreg bought the rights to use the Bessey auto adjust mechanism on these and they work very nicely.
I bought one of these to use as a rear hold down on the wagon of my panel saw, when making a long straight cut on wood with no straight edges.

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