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Kreg Auto adjust 6" Face Frame Clamp

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KHC-1420 Automax


Auto Adjust technology automatically adjusts to any thickness up to 4-1/4-Inch
Easy-to-regulate clamping force using a simple thumbscrew
Extra-large clamp faces spread clamp pressure evenly
Ergonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigue
Compatible with Kreg Jig, Kreg Portable Base and Kreg Jig

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Not for heavy duty clamping !

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I really like the self adjust feature on these Clamps, but I'm discovering after a few months use that they just aren't built as heavy duty as their regular non-self adjusting ones. A piece in the self adjust mechanism cracked ,rendering it useless, after only a few uses.
I noticed that a few other reviewers on have experienced this same problem, so buyer beware.These may be OK for light to medium duty clamping where the need for adjust-ability is high, but for heavy duty applications I can't recommend these. Also ,on this one,the swiveling clamping plates at the end of each arm weren't flat( (Convex), which made it impossible to get a nice flat even face frame joint. There also seems to be a little too much lateral movement in the arms, which tends to move the pieces being clamped apart, before final pressure is applied. So it appears, for the convenience of adjust-ability, your getting less overall strength. Nice idea , but I think they may have jumped the gun on this one . Or perhaps they are experiencing some quality control problems. Not sure which, but either way I won't be purchasing any more of these for face frame clamping.Update( June 10th 2014) Kreg did send me a new clamp and has assured me that they have beefed up the particular part in the handle that was cracking. Indeed it does now have "alloy steel " stamped right on that part, so it does appear that they may have upgraded the steel. Only time will tell for sure though ! On the few occasions I've had problems with Kreg tools in the past, they have always made good on them. Because of this I would not never be hesitant to continue buying their products in the future. Their customer service has proven to be superior to any other Co. I have dealt with in the past.

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