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Introducing Woodpeckers' newest clamping accessory: the BC4-M2 Box Clamp. This simple device eliminates the hassle of using heavy, expensive bar clamps for assembling boxes, drawers and especially full size cabinets.

Imagine being able to dry-fit and square up all your parts at the same time without any bulky clamps and before having to use any glue, screws or nails. You'll know right from the start if what your building will assemble to the final dimensions, be as square as you need or if minor trim cuts are necessary.

You can do all of that without a second set of hands to hold pieces in place while getting a bar clamp in position and tightened up. Not only that but once your project is held together with the Box Clamps, you can immediately install any type of screws (even pocket screws) or nails because all of the corner joints are left fully accessible. There's nothing to get in your way.

Woodpeckers Box Clamps are designed for any 90 degree joint including butt joints, lap joints, T-joints, miter joints, box joints, dovetails and more even if material is extending past the face. Ever try to use a bar clamp to assemble a box joint or dovetail? It doesn't work well. It's almost impossible to keep even one joint square with the uneven clamping typical of a bar clamp. Getting just one corner right is hard enough let alone all four at the same time.

The clamp will accommodate materials from 1/4 up to 1 inch in thickness.
The MC4-M2 Box Clamp is molded from a special combination of glass reinforced poly carbonate. It's virtually indestructible and not a light weight; each clamp weighs over a half pound and comes with hardware for both hand as well as fixture use. Made in U.S.A.

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These are one of Woodpeckers newer corner clamps. I like these over other corner clamps on the market for the following reasons.They are light in weight, strong, not bulky, can be operated by one hand( no external clamps involved) .
You can set them on your work bench and set your stock in them and tighten with an Allen wrench or put the supplied handle on them and use them from the top or side.You have to set them via an Allen wrench to the approximate thickness of wood your working with but after that you can tighten them with the twist of a nice size knob. Not sure yet if these work with dissimilar stock thickness. These are definitely the fastest, lightest, and easiest corner clamps I've ever used. They have an aluminum model as well,which are more pricey , but the composite ones are plenty strong and a better value.

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