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With the Klamp Trak you can turn the entire length of your workbench into a clamping station. The Klamp Trak can be quickly routed into any wooden or composite work surface such as a workbench or sawhorse, or staggered between two 3/4" thick panels to provide a perfectly seamless clamping plane anywhere you need it. Includes one 33-3/4" aluminum extrusion, bench klamps are not included.

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I'm a one man cabinet shop and put my face frames together with pocket screws . I've been using my workbench top for this task until I recently upgraded my workbench, with a thicker top, which makes clamping my face frames to the bench more cumbersome. So I needed a simplify my clamping process. I made my own table from a 39" by 39 " piece of 3/4" Baltic Birch. I laminated both sides and bolted two of these Kreg Klamp Traks to the edges.
I tried using the Rockler Multitracks , as they were less expensive on sale, but they didn't work out because the Aluminum track is not thick enough and was bending under the clamping pressure of the Kreg clamps. The Kreg Traks on the other hand are twice as thick and work great with no bending. I fastened my tracks above the table and mounted it on a wall with hinges. I mounted the extension legs on the back of the table with hinges and when extended they rest on a cleat mounted to the wall .

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