Jevons 3D Clamping Square

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The first 3 dimensional square! And the first assembly square on the market.
Stamped of 3/16th" aluminum, and machined to a tolerance of .002" along the entire 6" edges for the precision of an engineer's square at a fraction of the cost, and much more versatile!
Set of 4. Clamps not included.

WOOD magazine review

Jevons 3-D Right-angle Clamping Square

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Shop-made right-angle braces help get projects square and are easy to make, but too often they get banged around to the point of becoming unreliable. So we like the durability of the Jevons 3-D squares, with rigid 3⁄16"-thick aluminum angle that holds up to abuse from clamps and mallets. But their best feature proves to be accuracy: The 6"-long arms are perfectly flat and exactly 90° to each other.
While assembling carcases, face frames, and drawer boxes, we found them valuable for holding mating parts true while getting the clamps in place. The result: flawless 90° corners. We also like the predrilled holes in each brace. With these you can screw them right to a project (if the holes won't show), or you can make jigs by screwing them onto plywood or MDF. We were able to use any style of clamp with them, so you don't have to buy special ones just to use these squares. They're versatile, lightweight, accurate, and affordable. Who doesn't need that?

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