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Bessey 8 " Ratcheting KliKlamp

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8 inch


Size: 8-Inch
From the Manufacturer
Magnesium jaw, glass-fiber reinforced, polymid lever and world-famous Bessey steel rail - a new generation in clamping! The KliKlamp's ratchet action resists vibration - the perfect clamp around power tools. It also features quick clamping and quick release...on virtually any shape! Perfect for any pressure - from "light as a feather" touch, to the grip of an eagle's talon...always the right pressure - up to 330 lbs!
Product Description
The KliKlamp is durable, as well as speedy. Ratchet action controls clamping with an ergonomically shaped clamping arm made from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. Fixed and sliding arms made from magnesium are extremely light and strong. Fixed arm with V-groves holds round, pointed or angular shaped workpieces firmly. Complete with plastic cap to protect workpiece. This 8" clamp has a throat depth of 3" and a clamping force of 260 lbs. Made in Germany.

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After reading a few reviews on this clamp I decided that I could benefit from their use even though I own hundreds of other types and sizes of clamps. Often when I'm clamping a jig, fixture or piece of material in place for accurate placement, I need a clamp where the jaws don't create movement of the piece I'm clamping, as most turn handle type clamps sometimes have a tendency to do. This clamp excels in this situation, although it does take two hands to adjust it properly.
It doesn't generate huge holding grip , but it's hold has been sufficient enough for any thing I've used it for so far. I like the fact that this clamp is very light in weight, which makes for less overall weight in my job site tool bag, and less likely to damage the woodwork if dropped. It's a little pricey , but in my opinion, worth the cost for at least two in every wood shop.

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