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Rockler Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp

WOOD magazine rating


• Extra-wide 2-1/2" foot provides stability and prevents tip-over during setup. It won't rock on uneven bench surfaces.
• Higher base raises the pipe 1-1/2" above table to allow for greater handle clearance, so you won't have to position clamp handle off the edge of a bench.
• Clamping face includes holes for mounting pads, cauls, jigs and specialty fixtures.
• Built-in clamp hook eliminates need to "clamp the clamp" when hanging on wall.
• Four clutch-plate design provides secure, no-slip lock for the tail stock on standard 3/4" black pipe.

WOOD magazine review

Steady-standing, easy-to-use cranks and jaws

Review Summary

These clamp fixtures are easy to use for assemblies where bar or pipe clamps will do the job. The tail jaws slide smoothly on the pipe and hold tight when applying force against them. The head jaws have plenty of travel with smooth cranks and threads. The jaws are 1-3/4” wide by 2-1/4” tall, and have two 3/16” holes in each jaw so you can attach auxiliary clamping blocks (for taller assemblies, or for “softer” jaws when using softwoods).
Very comfortable hourglass-shaped handles make them easy to grip and crank. And there’s a flat on the opposing end of the crank for times when you need to apply greater force. It’s easy to apply too much force with these, so you have to be conscious of when your joints are tight enough. We especially like the tall, wide foot on each clamp fixture that holds the entire clamp sturdy on the bench and above it so you never scrape your knuckles. And even when putting four pipe clamps on an assembly, it’s not so heavy that you can’t lift it.

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