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Pony Pro pipe clamp fixtures

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Clamping jaws 2-1/8"
Clamp sits 2-1/2" above work surfaces
Mounts on any length 3/4" black pipe
Built-in clamp stand, longer screw and built-in clamp hanger
Wider and taller stance, taller and wider jaws

Jorgensen 3/4" Pro Pipe Clamp Fixture features: wider and taller stance, taller and wider jaws, built-in clamp stand, longer screw and built-in clamp hanger. Clamping jaws 2-1/8". It sits 2-1/2" above work surfaces. Ideal for metalworking, woodworking and frame assembly. For applications that range from do-it-yourself to industrial production. Mounts on any length 3/4" black pipe with both ends threaded (pipe not furnished). Iron castings are iron with orange and black baked-enamel finish. The 5/8" diameter steel hardened screw has a crank-type handle. The multiple-disc-clutch assures flawless clamping pressure. From the maker's of the line of Pony Pipe Clamp Fixtures.

WOOD magazine review

Separate rear foot and sliding jaw

Review Summary

Not much has changed in pipe-clamp technology in the last, oh, 50 years or so, but the new Pony Pro pipe-clamp fixtures from Pony Tools bring this old-school clamp solidly into the 21st century. The canted feet add stability on a workbench top while also elevating the pipe 1-3/4" higher than Pony’s previous pipe clamps. An added rear foot slides independently of the tail jaw, so you can move that jaw without it touching the benchtop.
The jaws are 1/2" wider and taller than the previous generation’s, and the handle screw is 1" longer. Overall, this is a much appreciated—and long overdue—upgrade that makes these clamps worth adding to your shop.

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