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Lee Valley Squeezer/Spreader Clamp

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Lee Valley


This clamp is notable for its robust construction and unique design. Capable of applying up to 700 lb of force, it has cast aluminum jaws, a 1/4" x 3/4" steel bar and a heavy-duty mechanism.

The moving jaw advances with one hand and has a spring-loaded face that is canted slightly so its top touches first as the jaw closes. As pressure is applied, the spring compresses to make this face parallel to the fixed face for even force distribution. The fixed jaw has a wing knob for quick conversion into a spreader.

Both jaw faces have non-marring, glue-resistant pads. The clutch operates with a simple lever release. Throat depth is 3-1/4"; maximum opening listed below.

An outstanding new version of this style of clamp.

WOOD magazine review

Aluminum fixtures

Review Summary

The only clamp in our test of 11 one-hand bar clamps with an aluminum body (the rest are plastic), this Lee Valley seems built for rugged use. The long pistol-grip handle makes for easy ratcheting, but the internal springs didn't always bite, letting the jaw slide back sometimes. And this also created the most springback of any clamp when releasing the tension, sometimes to the point of denting the project.
Because it only comes in 12" and 24" lengths, you'll probably need more than these clamps for your shop, and given the higher price (about 1/3 more than other makes), it could lead you to bypass this one altogether. This is the only clamp to sport a metal body to the jaws. I wish the spring-loaded jaw was lockable. The extra spring, and propensity to go out of parallel with the other face makes this clamp a liability in some applications

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