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Jet Parallel Clamp Set

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* Parallel clamp with movable jaw
* Exact 90 degree clamping at up to 1,000 pounds pressure
* Non-marring composite-resin jaw faces
* Includes 24" clamps, 40" clamps, 2" bench dogs, and framing blocks
* Lifetime warranty

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Review after 4 years of use !

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I've used these clamps since 2008 now and they work well, although they do not adjust as easily along the bar as my Bessey parallel clamps. The jaws on some also needed a little sanding to make them truly parallel, else they will cause marks on your wood from all the pressure being applied on the outside edges.
I have also come to realize with over four years of use that I can actually apply more pressure with the Bessey's due to their rubbery like handle, which is also more comfortable. Some people have claimed to like that these Jet clamps stay put along the bar when set, which would make it easier when making multiple glue ups, but for me I have found that to be more annoying than anything. These Jets have measurement marks along the bar , but I found that I rarely used them. The Bessey's also have a removable pad on the jaws which makes glue clean up easier. These Jets are very good clamps, but I'm giving an edge to the Bessey's. And if you were to purchase this set today it retails for about $30.00 more than the Bessey set, on

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