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Bessey Revo Clamp Set

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K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamps

1,500 lb clamping force, 3 3/4" throat depth with 3 removable jaws pads designed to protect material surfaces, two rail protector pads designed to keep clamped material from contacting rail surfaces. Rail protector pads snap off when not needed.

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I use both the newer Jet and Bessey parallel clamps and after 4 years of use I prefer the Bessey's. They are smoother in their operation in moving the clamp head along the bar and you can get more grip with their rubbery handles than the handles on the Jets. They also come with two plastic spacers that keep the bar above the surface being clamped which helps with glue clean up and eliminates any chance of the bar staining the wood. These clips are removable if you prefer to.
I also found some of the clamp heads on the Jet brand, to not be completely parallel along the width of the head, causing crush marks on wood being clamped, which can be corrected with a little sanding. The Jets are good if you want to keep your clamp heads at a particular setting along the bar for multiple glue ups, but I found for me this was more of a nuisance. I also like the fact that the Bessey's have a removable pad on the heads that help with glue clean up. For more on my clamp usage experience see my review on the Jet parallel clamps.

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