Pfeil 8-Piece Carving Chisel Set



Pfeil carving tools and sets are Swiss-made. This is an ideal selection for the beginning carver who wants a basic set of full-sized, commonly used tools. Everything you need to get started is here, including a heavy-duty, fitted tool roll, 12mm No. 1 single-bevel straight chisel, 12mm No. 1 skew cut double-bevel chisel, 12mm No. 5 gouge, 20mm No. 4 gouge, 10mm No. 7 gouge, 4mm No. 9 gouge, 8mm No. 12 V-parting and #12 chip-carving knife.

• Square tang in handle
• Octagonal hardwood handle
• Special alloy chrome vanadium steel
• Hand-sharpened

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