Woodsmith Scraper Sharpening System

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Sharpening Jig


An extruded aluminum jig used to capture and hold a Nicholson file still while you guide a card scraper across it at fixed angles on the aluminum guide.

The file is kept in place with wing nuts, and can be oriented on the flat for 90° edges or oriented vertically for use with the 45° angled face.

The kit includes the extruded aluminum body, a file, retaining screws, a hardened steel burnishing pin and a stamped steel card scraper.

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Woodsmith Scraper Sharpening system

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The Woodsmith system greatly simplifies the job of quickly rehabbing a scraper's edge. It incorporates 90° and 45° angles as they relate to the (included!) Nicholson mill file. In practice you remove the burnishing pin and orient the file for either a ninety or a forty-five degree angle and run the scraper along the body of the jig and across the file. The system is neat, clean and efficient.
Once you're done filing the edge smooth you can pop the pin back into the hole and, using the nearby guide face you can quickly and easily put a consistent burr onto the edge of the scraper. I first purchased one of these in 2002. And in that time I've used it.... well, let's just say that I'm about due to replace the file because I've used it so much. It honestly takes the guesswork out of prepping an edge and keeping it prepped. It's so easy that I'm pretty sure that my labrador retriever could use it with good results. It's worth noting that the card scraper that they throw in is junk. It's stamped, meaning that one face has peened over edges where the stamping die compressed the steel. It might be useful if you put a lot of work into it but I didn't bother. If you're looking for a good set of card scrapers look to the Lee Valley scraper set found elsewhere on this review site. My net impression is that if you use a card scraper regularly you really need to own one of these systems. It's that good, it's that easy and the results are that repeatable.

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