Lee Valley [Stanley #80] Replacement Iron

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Lee Valley


A direct replacement iron for the #80 scraper, which has been discontinued since 1984.

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A nice upgrade to a great tool

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Stanley made the #80 cabinet scraper from 1898 to 1984. And in that time they made millions of these handy and easy to use scrapers. Since it's such a great tool there are a whole lot of these still in use by woodworkers all over the world. The problem is, it's been very difficult to find replacement drop-in irons for the scrapers.
If your iron has pitted from rust over the years, or otherwise developed issues that demand that it be replaced, it's been a bit of a challenge to get a reasonably priced direct replacement. Now Lee Valley has a solution, and a good one, too. Their replacement iron is made from a thicker gauge of steel than the original OEM one. And it comes sharpened on two sides, giving you the ability to spin it around when it becomes dull. So you can continue work if you're in the middle of the battle and won't have to stop to sharpen mid-stream. My only knock against this blade is that it doesn't come with a blade protector for the top, unused edge. The thing is awfully sharp (with brutally pointy corners!) and without some sort of protective cap you can do some damage to your hands if you grab the thing in the wrong way. I happen to have a couple of lengths of the plastic report binder spines (the ones that the kids use to cover reports for school) and clipped off a short length of it to cover the exposed sharpened edge that's waggling in the breeze at the top end of the tool. A short length of blue tape keeps the plastic cap in place with little fuss. And in use? I didn't feel the need to turn a hook on the iron. It produced curly shavings right out of the chute. And the bonus to the heavier gauge steel is that it doesn't bounce and chatter near as much as the OEM one did (or my Kunz brand knockoff, whose iron is like tinfoil next to this new LV iron!!) This is a great solution for those of you who, like me, have an original Stanley #80 and want/need a new iron for it. Good stuff!

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