Fuji HVLP Turbine Spray Gun

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Q4 Gold


* Professional spray gun now features pattern control knob to adjust size of fan pattern from small to large
* Spray gun has 100% stainless steel fluid components, ergonomic handle, is insulated, and never gets hot
* Non-bleed spray gun for less blowing around of shop dust
* High-efficiency air cap installed for reduced overspray
* 25' hose includes air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back

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A no-compromise HVLP system

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With a true four stages the Fuji Q4Gold produces about 8 PSI at the gun, with a pressurized cup. That's enough to spray even the heaviest body liquids (within reason!) with the correct tip size. As shipped, their #4 tip is just right for spraying lacquers. As HVLP systems go, the Fuji has a nice rounded out set of features. You can adjust the fluid flow, the air flow and the pattern size to accommodate spraying large panels or doing some fine detail areas.
The gun is a nice light weight and won't wear you out if you're doing a lot of spraying. And with HVLP technology comes the advantage of not producing a huge cloud of overspray, as is the case with compressor-driven conventional guns. Besides much less mess, that also means you're using less product and more of it is being left on your project instead of being left in the air and all over the shop. Definitely spring the extra couple of dollars for the six-foot whip end to the hose, which will make navigating the gun a bit easier. The main hose is stiff like a garden hose, so the add-on flexible whip end is nice. The 'Q" in the Fuji Q4's name stands for 'quiet'. It is the quietest of the HVLP turbines out on the market today. At 3 feet from the turbine unit, positioned on my benchtop, the turbine is 81 decibles. That's measured A-weighted and a slow response on my Radio Shack digital DB meter - which is sort of the industry standard measurement device. At 10 feet that drops to 76 dB, and at 15 feet it's down to 74 dB. Compare that to my Delta 650CFM dust collector, which is 76dB at three feet and 71dB at about fifteen feet. NICE!! This unit is quiet enough to be able to spray for long periods of time with no recommendation for hearing protection. (That kicks in at 85dB per OSHA standards, for anyone who's curious.) So my research has paid off. I've used Apollo units, which are definitely louder than the Fuji Q-series turbines. This Fuji Q4 is quiet enough to be able to spray for long periods of time with sonic comfort. And it won't disturb the neighbors. As a bonus, I was still able to hear my radio over the thing at my normal listening volume in the shop. At about a $$kilobuck for four stages it's not exactly the cheapest of the HVLP systems on the market, but the feature set makes this one the one you can live with long-term and you won't bemoan growing out of its capabilities.

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