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Lightweight and comfortable, the Ex-Cell siphon feed detail spray gun is ideal for all types of smaller paint and restoration jobs. It sprays automotive base coats and clear coats, primers, sealers, and stains. Easily converting from siphon feed to pressure feed, this spray gun is perfect for automobile restoration and customized paint jobs. With a 7.5 oz. capacity, the sprayer provides 4.5 SCFM at 50 PSI. It includes an external mix spray nozzle for a fine finish.

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A conventional detail cup gun you can live with.

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I've got a suite of conventional cup guns for my compressor, including some $$pricey models. But I always come back to the Ex-Cell ES2 for most of my spraying. It's politely sized, easy to clean and easy to live with. It has a 7.5 ounce cup, which is plenty of capacity to spray about four by five feet's worth of area. Recently Amazon had a deal on these guns and we discussed the guns and their performance on the Wood Magazine forums.
Follow this link to see what everyone had to say about this gun, complete with a few hints and tips for living with this gun long-term. http://community.woodmagazine.com/t5/General-Woodworking/Great-price-spray-gun/m-p/260756#U260756 To spray lacquers and shellacs I dial the compressor down to about 35-38PSI and the gun just performs from there. Cleanup is a breeze compared to some of my more complicated quart-sized guns. This conventional gun wins the Mikie Likes It award in my shop.

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