Apollo 5-Stage HVLP Turbine

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• The 1050VR 5-stage power atomizes higher viscosity coatings with ease.
• Precision LCD displays atomizing pressure that is accurate to 0.10 PSI.
• Precision Pressure Control System (PPCS®) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage worldwide, adjusts automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure anywhere in the world.
Precision FreeFlo® Filter warning LED indicates when a filter is restricted. Green for clean, red for clogged or partially blocked filters.
• Spray solvent-based materials: enamels, stains, lacquers, polyurethanes, catalyzed finishes, conversion varnishes and linear polyurethanes. The 1050VR also delivers superb results with waterborne coatings, latex (emulsion) paint (using Floetrol® or similar flow additive) and specialized materials like faux paints and gelcoat. The 1050VR comes with the Handi-Hold® Spray Gun Docking Station to store, hold or transport your spray gun safely. The enhanced power and exclusive precision features of the new Precision Series 1050VR put you in control of the most advanced True HVLP system for industries and applications demanding precision technology for the perfect finish.

WOOD magazine review

HVLP unit makes quick work of finishing

Review Summary

In the past, compressed-air spraying finishes left me frustrated and my projects plagued with runs. As a result, I preferred to brush or wipe on finishes because it gave me better control. But spraying with Apollo’s 1050VR HVLP system has made me put away my brushes. Now I confidently spray on fast-drying finishes in about half the time it used to take. I like three things best about the 1050VR.
First, the five-stage turbine (five internal fans) provides enough power to atomize thick finishes, such as polyurethane and paint, without thinning. Second, the turbine’s variable-rate adjustment lets me dial in the perfect pressure for each finish, without having to adjust the spray gun. And third, the Atomizer gun (model A7500QT) feels like a natural extension of my hand and sprays an ideal pattern without the cloud of overspray typical of compressed-air guns. It comes with a 1-quart suction cup, but you can also outfit it with a gravity-fed cup if you prefer. (I can’t say one works better than the other; it’s just a preference.) —Tested by John Olson

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