Grex 23-Gauge 2" Pinner



* Compact, lightweight, slim profile design for maximum maneuverability
* Powerful motor to drive fasteners through hardwoods
* Patented design eliminates need to adjust for different fastener lengths
* Drive fasteners up to 2”, accepts 13 lengths from 1/2” to 2”
* Auto lock-out feature prevents dry-firing of tool.
* Lock-out over-ride button allows last several pins to be driven
* Double trigger safety lock prevents accidental firing of tool
* Removable nose cover provides easy access to clear jams
* Narrow nose design reaches corners and tight areas for detail work
* No-mar rubber tip prevents marring of work surface
* 4-point alignment guide accurately locates position to drive pins
* Fastener indicator window shows when reloading is necessary
* Convenient drop-in loading for quick and easy fastener re-loading
* Convenient belt hook for easy carrying of tool
* Rear exhaust with silencer reduces exhaust sounds
* Rubber hand grip for a firm comfortable grip on tool

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