Cadex 21-Gauge Pinner

WOOD magazine rating


• Light weight, well balanced
• Fine precision nose for easy aiming
• Rear exhaust
• Swivel coupler plug
• No-mar soft plastic nose tip
• Built-in belt hook
• Magazine sight window
• Trigger safety
• Anti-dry fire mechanism
• Built-in blow gun
• Comes with carry case

WOOD magazine review

21-gauge nailer straddles the line between brads and pins

Review Summary

We like the holding power of 18-gauge brad nails and the nearly invisible holes left by 23-gauge headless pins. So we were glad to see Cadex has come out with a nailer that gives us both. This 21-gauge model shoots a nail that’s essentially half the size of a brad, yet twice as large as a pin. And it fires both headless and headed fasteners. We put the CPB21.50 to use in multiple applications, and as you’d expect, the headed pins demonstrated greater holding power than 23-gauge headless pins.
But even the headless 21-gauge pins surprised us with their ability to grip moldings and onlays. And the holes they create become virtually invisible in the coarse grain of some wood species, such as oak, and proved easy to fill during sanding and finishing with other species. The versatility of this nailer comes at a premium price, but if you depend on a variety of pneumatic fasteners for your work, you’ll never regret buying it. It shoots pins from 5/8" to 2" long, and comes with a no-mar nose tip, swiveling air coupler, and a built-in blow gun for clearing away dust.

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