Grex 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

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Ideal for light wood assembly, finish and trim work, molding and decorative trim, dowel and joint pinning, mirror and picture frame assembly, lightweight paneling, external softwood trim, rattan furniture, glazing strips, craft work, window beading, display and sign work.

* Penetrates fasteners through the hardest materials
* Compact and lightweight design for improved maneuverability
* Shoots fasteners up to 1 3/8" in length easily, even in hardwoods
* Patented design eliminates need to adjust for different fastener lengths
* Double trigger safety prevents accidental firing of tool
* Side-loading with mechanism to prevent fasteners from tumbling
* Narrow nose reaches tight areas and corners for detailed trim work
* Removable nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams
* Removable no-mar tip prevents marring of work surface
* Rear exhaust with built-in silencer to reduce exhaust sound
* Fastener indicator to see when reloading is necessary
* Convenient belt hook for easy carrying of tool
* Quick access magazine storage for wrench and no-mar rubber tip

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If your doing any kind of finish or trim work, this is a must have tool. It's unbelievable just how strong these little pins are. It's the perfect tool for putting on trim or fastening the corners of your miter joints on molding. I've used this gun for about three years now and I just absolutely love it.
It's been a real time saver because the holes are so small they aren't noticeable so there is no need to fill them and your scribe mold won't split like it does sometimes with a bigger 18 gauge nail. I just can't believe that I ever thought that I wouldn't have much need for one since my 18 gauge seemed good enough. I was wrong! I think I probably use this more than the 18 gauge now.You might think that because the nails are so small that they wouldn't be very strong, but they are, because they are stainless steel. I bought this one because it shoots longer nails than the Porter Cable model and I'm glad I did. A very well built gun that should hold up under a lot of use. Grex now sells various models that shoot up to a 2" nail. I do believe that Porter Cable just came out with one that shoots up to 1 3/8 ", so that one may be worth looking at because these Grex one's are a little pricey.

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