Grex 15-Gauge Finish Nailer #AF64



The perfect tool to be the workhorse of any cabinetmaker. The AF64's angled design allows access to those tight corners and detailed areas, while its heavy duty power easily drives fasteners up to 2-1/2" in length in to hardwoods, making it the perfect finishing tool for cabinetry and applications of similar sort. Also, the adjustable depth of drive features allows you to flush the fastener when doing closet shelves and poles or other flush applications. And don’t forget, this tool uses most 15 gauge angle finish nails.
Suggested Applications:
Cabinet assembly, Furniture finish work, Light wood assembly, Planar boxes, Trims, paneling, External softwood trim, Trim and moldings, Window beading, scribe molding, Door and window casings, Rattan, Picture frame assembly, Decorations.

- Convenient depth of drive dial allows precise nail settings.
- Angled design to access tight corners and detailed areas.
- Lightweight die-cast body prevents arm fatigue during prolong use.
- Quick release nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams
- Ergonomic comfort handgrip provides a firm grip on tool.
- 360° adjustable exhaust cover allows use in any position.
- Convenient rear loading provides quick fastener reloading.
- Rubber safety tip prevents marring or work surfaces.
- Safety mechanism prevents accidental firing of tool.

13"L x 12.2"H x 3.4"W (33cm x 31cm x 8.6cm)
5.2 lbs. (2.4 kgs.)
Operating Pressure
70 ~ 100 psi (4.8 ~ 7 bars)
Fastener Type
15 Gauge Angled Finish Nails
Fastener Range
1" ~ 2-1/2" (25mm ~ 64mm}
Fastener Capacity
approx. 100 nails
Air Inlet
1/4" (6mm) NPT male plug

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