Hitachi 1.75" Roofing Nailer



* Pneumatic nail feed mechanism powers both the nail advance and return for consistent operation even in the harshest of conditions
* Consumes 30% less air allowing for more productivity
* 30% faster bump firing speed for a rapid finish
* 30% less recoil for optimized kick back to propel nailer across the course
* Constructed with all aluminum components for durability
* Improved push lever design expels excess tar and grime build-up
* Two-piece push lever lower segment can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement
* Three-point carbide insert on nose piece increases life and reduces wear
* Improved rubber composite guard wraps the side-edge of the magazine and critical points on the tool body to endure harsh working conditions
* Non-slip texture keeps tool from sliding down a pitched roof
* Side loading magazine allows for quick and easy nail replenishment
* Last nail magnet holder holds the final nail in the coil in place to prevent loss or misfired nails
* Tool-less depth of drive dial can be adjusted on the spot to meet the application for ultimate convenience
* Elastomer composite material covers the grip for a secure hold
* Ergonomic design and exceptional tool balance not only reduces user fatigue and repetitve injuries, but also provides more control during use
* Accepts 7/8" - 1.75" fasteners with wire coil collation
* Weight: 5.5 lbs.

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