DeWalt Coil Roofing Nailer



* Lightweight, magnesium housing for enhanced maneuverability
* Produces a cycle rate that works as fast as you do
* Delivers the power to consistently drive nails in the toughest applications
* Tool-free depth adjustment assists in locating the perfect depth setting for precise nail penetration
* Convenient side-load canister design allows for quick and easy nail loading
* Carbide inserts in contact trip foot protect against premature wear
* Pneumatic-bias feed piston provides consistent nail feed as pressure fluctuates, minimizing skipping and jamming
* Integrated jam clearing nose door eliminates down-time from bent fasteners caught in the nosepiece
* Piston catch design allow for a consistent drive in every shot
* Double O-ring feed piston design provides protection against excessive feed piston wear
* Replaceable anti-skid pads
* Nail height adjustment lever
* Hinged-feed piston cover
* Trigger lock-off allows trigger to be disabled when not in use

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