Paslode No-Hose Brad Nailer

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* Cordless mobility eliminates hoses and compressors to drag around, saving you time and allowing you to work anywhere with less mess and clutter
* 18-gauge brads leave small holes and prevent wood from splitting
* Compact design with an open line of site gives precise results
* Tool-free depth of drive adjustment and no-mar tip
* Drives 5/8" to 2" nails into the hardest woods
* Lightweight and well balanced design reduces fatigue during extended use
* Nail lockout prevents blank firing when out of nails

WOOD magazine review

Paslode No-Hose Brad Nailer

Review Summary

The IM200F18 drives brads—and sinks them—into any hardwood or sheet goods. Before trusting it to install trim in a house, we drove several sizes of brads into 3⁄4" hard maple, plywood subflooring, and even 2" red oak. It never failed to sink even one brad. With that confidence, we used it to install fir baseboard, shoe molding, and door and window trim, and it performed flawlessly.
The IM200F18 requires a 6-volt rechargeable battery as well as gas-filled fuel cells (replacement cells cost $5 each). Together they spark a small explosion to drive a piston, like the engine in your car. We drove more than 1,200 nails before exhausting the first cell—without draining the battery. The nailer has an adjustable depth setting that proved easy to use, and the rubber bumper on the nose prevented dents in the wood.

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