Grex 18-Gauge Green Buddy brad nailer #1850GB

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The 18 gauge bradder is the most "go-to" nailer on your bench or in your tool box. But just try to find a decent one these days. Presenting the Green Buddy™, a game changer in a very serious game. From trim carpenter to cabinet maker, Green Buddy™ will be the differentiator as you master your trade. It’s the solution if you’re looking for control, precision, performance and dependability. In the pursuit of excellence, we've done our part - from designing to constructing the Green Buddy™. Now explore.

Suggested Applications:
Trim and moldings, Cabinet assembly, Furniture and cabinet finish work, Jig fixtures, Light wood assembly, Planar boxes, Panelling, Window beading, scribe molding, Door and window casings, Picture frame assembly, Decorations.

WOOD magazine review

Better ergonomics & nose make this nailer a winner

Review Summary

Grex’s Green Buddy brad nailer has more heft than the nailer I regularly use on jobsites as a trim carpenter, but it fires with less kickback. So after firing a hundred or so brads my hand and arm aren’t as tired. This tool’s nose profile—smaller than most brad nailers—helped me precisely place fasteners, even in tight quarters, while trimming out a kitchen remodel. Its dry-fire lockout prevents damaging the drive pin when empty.
The Green Buddy’s fit and finish are excellent, which I expect from a nailer at this price. The tool fires brads from 1/2" to 2" long, and I really like the extruded aluminum side-loading magazine that makes it easy to add them. There’s also a window that shows when it’s getting low on nails. —Tested by Dave Fish, WOOD Magazine

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