Bosch Pneumatic Nailer

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* Tool-less adjustable air exhaust
* Easily switch between bump and sequential fire
* Tool-less adjustable depth of drive
* Slim body for better line of sight and better control
* Self cleaning air filter keeps debris from the valve and o-ring

* Dimensions: 9" x 2.25" x 9.75"
* Nail Diameter: 18 Gauge
* Nail Length: 5/8" – 2"
* Nail Shank: Smooth
* Operating Range: 60 - 120 PSI
* Weight: 2.1 lbs.

WOOD magazine review

Bosch gets a good start with pneumatic nailers

Review Summary

Known more for making power tools, Bosch recently jumped into the pneumatic-nailer business, and the three nailers we tested—finish, brad, and narrow-crown stapler—proved nimble and drove fasteners well. All three feature bodies smaller than comparable nailers we’ve used, making them lighter (by a half-pound) without sacrificing power. They all switch from single shot to sequential fire with the flip of a switch.
Each has dry-fire lockout when it’s out of fasteners (to prevent damage to the drive pin), tool-free depth adjustment, a narrow nose with removable no-mar tip (that stores on the tool when not in use), and front-hinged access gate to clear jammed nails. Although they performed like champs, we had minor problems loading fasteners. The finish nailer’s rear-loading magazine proved awkward to use, and the stapler’s top-loading magazine seemed flimsy and not on par with the rest of the tool. The brad nailer's side-load magazine was the easiest to use among the trio. Bosch does not make fasteners, but we used nails and staples from four other companies with no glitches.

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