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Reel Works
Reel Works


Add flexibility to your air compressor with an air hose reel. Industrial-grade reel mounts on wall, floor or ceiling. Includes 25' air hose. Maximum 300 PSI working pressure. Automatic rewind makes hose return quickly.

* Air Inlet: 3/8"
* Hose Outlet: 3/8"
* Material Type: Rubber

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Nice hose reel at a fair price

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I've owned this hose reel for about 10 years now. I use it frequently during my shop usage time which is usually three or four days a week. It works well and has been smooth in operation both extending and retracting the hose. I replaced the hose after about five years as it was starting to crack. I've replaced a small external spring that helps lock the hose into a set position and I just replaced the an internal o ring that had dried out and cracked,causing an air leak.
These were fairly minor fixes so I'm hoping now that we will be up and running now for another ten years. Considering that I purchased this reel at Costco for under $50.00 I'd say I got my moneys worth. Has been essential in my shop for keeping the dust off my tools and workbench and operating my pneumatic tools. If a 25 ft. hose isn't long enough for your shop, they also make one with a 50 ft hose.

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