Ridgid 5-Gallon Air Compressor

WOOD magazine rating


• Two independent regulators control air pressure on both tanks for maximum utility
• Powerful induction motor for maximum power, durability and superior starting characteristics
• Ergonomic handles with form fitting grips for secure and comfortable carry to the jobsite
• Compact tank for punch list, tire inflation, or other small jobs
• Locking knob—quickly detach and reattached compressor and tank
• Quarter-turn tank drain valve on each tank turns quickly and easily for convenient tank maintenance
• Three universal quick couplers: accepts both ¼” industrial and automotive plugs with easy single-hand connection
• Best-in-class oil-free pump: maintenance free and delivers reliable performance
• Innovative detachable tank design
• Air Delivery: 4.9 SCFM @ 90 PSI
• Max PSI: 150
• Tank Capacity: 5 gallons
• Pump Type: Oil-free
• Gauges: 4, 2" diameter with metal housing
• Regulator: Fully adjustable locking style
• Motor: Induction

WOOD magazine review

This compressor breaks into sub-units: Very handy

Review Summary

This unit features a truly unique configuration. An upper unit contains the compressor pump and a 1-gallon tank. A lower unit consists of twin “hot dog” 2-gallon tanks. Both units have tank and hose gauges and a regulator. The upper (compressor) unit features one quick-connect outlet port and the lower (tank) unit features two. The compressor unit piggy backs on the tank unit and the two are joined by a quick-release latch that's easy to engage.
The combination unit is used just like any other twin-tube compressor. The compressor unit can be used separately for small jobs, and the charged-up tanks used separately for portable compressed air where there is no electric power. To reduce pressure drop when working at a distance from an outlet, the compressor unit can be separated from the tank unit and plugged directly into the outlet. The tank unit is placed close to the work area with a long air hose connecting the two units. Then a short hose connects the tank unit to the air tool. This is the heaviest compressor in the group, but the compressor and tank units each have a handle so the units can be separated and carried, one on each side of your body. It’s still heavy, but now it’s well balanced, and you can hoist each unit separately into your pick up truck. Four 1-5/8”-diameter gauges with good, identical markings are front mounted and tilted up for easy reading. There is no differentiation between tank and line gauges. Gauges on the upper unit are oil filled and the incomplete fill obscures the tops of the gauge faces. The regulators have large soft-grip knobs. The pressure switch and regulator gauges and knobs are protected by crash bars. There is no cord wrap or cord clip. •High Points: Multiple formations, large capacity, high pressure tank with high-output compressor pump. Quick recycle time. •Low Points: Loudest (90 dB) and heaviest (77 lbs) unit of the 10 hand-carry compressors we tested. •More Points: Replaceable pleated cartridge air intake filter. Hook and loop cord tie.

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