Porter-Cable 1-Gallon Trim Compressor

WOOD magazine rating


* .75 SCFM at 90 PSI, 1 gallon tank and 135 PSI maximmum enables surge perfomance with quick recovery
* Durable, long life maintenance free pump for ease of use
* 71 dBA for quiet operation, 2.6 amp draw for easy start up
* High-flow regulator for maximum performance
* Lightweight (23 lbs.), compact design (9") is easy to carry and store
* Ball drain valve allows for quick and thorough tank draining
* Convenient cord wrap for easy storage
* Roll cage and control panel provide protection to key compresor components
* Running Horsepower: .3 HP
* Pump Lubrication: Oil-free

WOOD magazine review

Light, compact, quiet, and effective

Review Summary

When used as intended, this compressor performs very well. It's designed to be used as a trim compressor, powering nail guns for finish and trim work. Don't try to use it for framing or roofing nailers because it's not built for that. We hooked up a 15 gauge finish nailer to install door jambs, window and door casing, and baseboard, and the compressor did the the job with ease.
It cycles on frequently when using this nailer (after shooting three to four nails), but if you're not working too fast this really isn't a problem. The compressor pump kept up with this nailer, probably the most demanding one you should use with this small unit. The C1010 runs quietly (about 72 decibels), which is really nice. It's light and easy to carry, and easy to work with the controls and hose hook-up. The pressure controls are sensitive and reliable: We changed the hose pressure frequently while working with different woods, and it responded nicely. The lightness of the unit is really a benefit if someone is moving from one floor to another. The handle design is good. The unit is compact, which is a nice feature when someone is moving from one worksite to another every week or two or just putting it in and taking it out of a pickup every day. The only thing we would change is to add a protective guard or rubber pads to the frame in the event the compressor is set down on end, vertically. This would help prevent the accidental scarring of a wood surface (a nice wood floor, for example) if someone sat the unit on end. Given the handle design, it would be easy to set the compressor down vertically without thinking of scratches.

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