Makita 4-Gallon Air Compressor

WOOD magazine rating


• Cast iron pump with big-bore cylinder and piston is engineered to provide faster recovery time for improved performance
• Powerful 2.5 HP 4-pole motor produces 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI for increased productivity
• Pump runs at lower RPM (1,730) resulting in lower noise (75-80 dB) and improved pump durability
• Low amp draw reduces incidences of tripped breakers at start-up
• Pump is oil-lubricated for cooler running temperatures and reduced wear
• Roll-cage construction provides complete protection to withstand extreme jobsite environments
• Large industrial air filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency
• Durable cast-iron cylinder reduces wear and increases pump life; removable for easy maintenance
• Oil sight glass for fast, easy and efficient maintenance
• Lever handle quarter-turn ball tank-drain valve improves upon standard pitcock design for easier maintenance
• Built-in thermal overload for additional motor protection

WOOD magazine review

Quiet, heavy-duty unit ready for the pros

Review Summary

This quiet-running unit features slightly higher tank pressure and capacity than other oil-lubricated models in the same class. It also has a quick recycle time, but is only rated for intermittent duty. Overall performance is similar to the other oil-lubricated models we tested. Identical 1-3/4”-diameter gauges with excellent markings are mounted side-by-side on the front panel but are tilted up for easy reading. There is no differentiation as to gauge function.
The metal air-intake filter housing features a replaceable pleated filter cartridge. Unfortunately, it can’t be fully seated into the threaded intake port because the plastic motor shroud prevents it. And the filter housing intake snorkel tube hits the oil-fill cap, so it can’t be threaded on at all with the fill cap in place. The fill cap can’t be inserted after the filter housing in place. This heavyweight compressor proves unbalanced and awkward to carry. The handle opening in the shroud allows room for only one-hand. This unit needs two hand grips for carrying in front of your body rather than at the side. There is no convenient place to wrap the cord and no cord clip molded into the plug. High Points: Quiet, rapid recycle time. Low Points: Heavy and awkward to carry. More Points: Two outlet ports with automatic quick-connectors. On/off lever on pressure switch. Oil-level sight gauge is more convenient than a dip stick. A finned compressor-pump discharge tube increases heat dissipation.

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