Husky Trim Plus Air Compressor

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The Husky Trim Plus 3-gallon electric air compressor features a powerful 1.5 HP motor with automatic start/stop operation that offers easy, safe use. Push-connect fittings offer easy, one-handed operation, and the oversized controls are easy to read. The steel tank and aluminum pump are lightweight, making this compressor easy to carry.

• 155 PSI maximum pressure
• Delivers 2.5 SCFM at 90 PSI
• Pump requires no maintenance, making this compressor easy to use
• Steel tank and aluminum pump are lightweight for easy transport
• Oversized controls are easy to read

WOOD magazine review

Small but mighty: The perfect garage and DIY compressor

Review Summary

This inexpensive lightweight unit should be considered primarily for miscellaneous inflation duty and occasional brad nailing. Although the air delivery is similar to larger pancake-style units, it is hobbled by a small tank. Recycle time is respectable, but it's noisy at nearly 90 dB. The 2-5/8” hose gauge mounted on the front of the motor housing and tilted up was the largest and easiest-to-read in the group of 10 compressors we tested.
The 1-3/8” tank gauge is on the back of the housing. There is a cleat for winding the cord, but no cord clip molded into the plug. The included ¼”x25’ coil hose worked as well for nailing as the regular ¼” hose used to test all units, but the coils catch on workbench and project edges, and when you lay your brad nailer or blow gun down on the workbench, the coil-spring action tends to pull them off the bench. To get 25 feet away from the compressor, you’d have to stretch the coils out straight, and this just doesn’t work. It scooted when refilling cold. • High Points: Respectable, if limited, performance from an inexpensive, lightweight (30 lbs) unit. • Low Points: Small tank capacity. Very loud in an annoying frequency range. • Other Points: Lighted rocker-type power switch. One outlet port with an automatic quick-connect coupler. ¼”x25’ coil hose with quick-connect fittings included. Housing features a hose-storage tray. Accessory pack includes a blow gun with three interchangeable nozzles, tire inflation chuck, tire pressure gauge, two inflation needles with blow-gun adapter, two ¼” NPT female quick-connect plugs, two ¼” NPT male quick-connect plugs, one ¼” NPT female quick-connect coupler, one ¼” NPT male coupling, one ¼” NPT female coupling, and Teflon thread tape.

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