Hitachi Twin Tank Air Compressor

WOOD magazine rating


* 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI for multiple operations
* Direct drive electric motor provides durability and long life
* Line regulator with gauge for immediate use at worksite
* O-ring on drain pitcock makes valve easy to open and close
* Vertically-stacked twin 2-gallon tanks
* Oil-lubricated pump improves efficiency and ensures smooth use

WOOD magazine review

Rated for continuous, heavy-duty use

Review Summary

As with other oil-lubricated units, this model suffers from low tank capacity and low tank pressure when compared to 6-gallon pancake models, but gains some ground with continuous-duty rating and fast recycle time. Although supplied with SAE 5W50 compressor oil for low-temperature operation, the Hitachi would not start when stored in a 30°F garage. Identical 1-3/8” gauges feature good markings and are mounted on top of the pressure switch/regulator assembly facing up.
There is no differentiation of gauge function. The regulator/pressure switch assembly is poorly protected. Our first test unit arrived with the assembly broken off. A quick-connect coupler is not supplied for the single outlet port, and when it is added, it protrudes even farther. There is no convenient place to wrap the cord and no cord clip molded into the plug. The ¼-turn tank-drain valves are on the same side of the tanks so you can tip the unit to one side to drain both. •High Points: Continuous-duty rated with fast recycle time. Good tank-drain locations. •Low Points: Heavy (60 lbs). Small tank capacity with low tank pressure. Poorly protected regulator/pressure switch assembly. •More Points: Owner's manual not so good. Push/pull power switch on pressure switch.

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