Craftsman 6-Gallon Air Compressor

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This 6 gallon oil-free pancake style compressor from Craftsman is ideal for carpentry and inflation tasks around the home. It offers a lightweight, hand-carry design for excellent portability, an oil-free pump that requires no maintenance, and it includes a coil hose and 9-piece inflation/blowgun kit. 150 PSI maximum tank pressure means more stored air than comparable compressors. 2.6 SCFM air flow at 90 PSI handles all types of nailers and inflation/blowgun tools. Features 120 volt motor for reliable cold-weather starting, and it can be used with an extension cord.

WOOD magazine review

Ultralight pancake makes a great DIY compressor

Review Summary

This lightweight (29 lbs) unit turned in a surprisingly robust performance. With a 6-gallon tank and respectable pump output, it outperformed comparable heavyweight oil-lubricated models. Rated for intermittent duty, it may not stand up to heavy, all-day use, but for occasional nail gun and even light-duty spray-finishing it is a good performer at an attractive price.
Wrapping the cord at the intersection of the motor housing and tank puts it in contact with the rubber pump discharge hose which gets hot. A cord clip is molded into the plug. Identical 1-3/8”-diameter gauges have good markings and face up for easy reading, but there’s no tank- or hose-gauge differentiation. •High Points: Good performance, easily portable, attractive price. •Low Points: Rocker-style power switch located on the motor housing is obscured by the regulator/quick-connect manifold. Manifold somewhat exposed and prone to damage. Drain is not at bottom of the tank. When tipping the tank to drain it, the valve hits the floor. The knurled-knob stem-type drain valve is not as convenient as a ¼-turn ball valve. •Other Points: ¼”x25’ hose with quick-connect fittings included. Accessory pack features a blow gun with three interchangeable tips, two ¼” NPT male quick-connect plugs, tire inflation chuck, and inflation needle with a blow gun adaptor.

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