Craftsman 10-Gallon portable air compressor #16923

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Keep everything around your home aired up with the Craftsman 10-gallon oil-lube portable air compressor. This easy-to-move compressor runs off of a 1.0 horsepower motor, helping it fill to capacity quickly for all your home needs. INDUSTRY LEADING 135PSI provides plenty of power to complete your inflation, carpentry and light auto repair projects. Vertical design and heavy-duty rubber wheels and a rubber-padded pull handle lets you move the compressor easily and stores nicely in the corner of your workplace.
An oil-lubricated direct drive pump keeps this 10-gallon oil-lube portable air compressor running smoothly for years to come. The oil reservoir comes equipped with a sight glass so you can check the levels at a glance, ensuring continued smooth operation.

The compressor comes with oil which must be added before it is used for the first time
With a maximum PSI of 135, the Craftsman 10-gallon oil-lube portable air compressor provides consistent and reliable air supply for your home projects
Vertical controls are easy to reach and read from most normal working positions for more convenient use
Long-lasting cast iron cylinder head is paired with an aluminum head to better dissipate heat
Ideal for inflating tires, powering nail guns for brads or finishing nails, inflating air mattresses and more
Weight (lbs.): 70
Overall Dimensions: 19 in. L x 16.9 in. W x 31.7 in. H
Product Overview:
Air Outlet Size: 1/4 in.
Drain System: Manual
Electrical Phase Type: Single phase
General Warranty: 1 year limited
Lubrication Type: Oil lubricated
Portability: Portable
Color/Finish: Red
Electric Rating: 110-120V AC
Power Type: Electric
Cord Length (ft.): 6
Number of Wheels: 2
Amps: 15
Horsepower: 1
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi.): 135
Stages: One stage
SCFM Delivery:
SCFM Delivery At 40 psi: 3.7
SCFM Delivery At 90 psi: 2.4
Compressor Tank Capacity (gal.): 10
Tank Style: Vertical
Number of Pumps: 1
Pump Style: Piston

WOOD magazine review

A good workshop compressor

Review Summary

This compressor is not really built to stand up to job-site use, but it makes a great compressor for a small shop. Its 10-gallon tank size stores plenty of air to keep up with most tools that a home woodworker will use (except pro-type tools such as sanders and impacts) and blow dust for long periods of time without recycling. And even when the pump kicks on, it's not so loud as to be disturbing. That's nice. It has about an 18" square footprint, so it takes up little space.
The controls are easy to read and distinguish from each other, but they're a little more exposed than we care for (and would likely not survive a job-site). This unit rolls around nicely on its two large wheels, but if you're taller than about 5'10", you'll have to stoop to reach the short handle.

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