Campbell Hausfeld Compact Compressor

WOOD magazine rating
Campbell Hausfeld


* User-friendly design
* Easy-to-read gauges
* Maximum 100 PSI
* Tank eliminates the pulsations caused by piston action
* Accessory kit contains 25' recoil hose, female coupler, male plug, air chuck, inflation needle, 2" inflation nozzles

WOOD magazine review

Surprisingly impressive Compact Compressor

Review Summary

We were pleasantly surprised by the FP2028’s performance, especially given its low price. After coupling a brad nailer to the 25' coil hose that came with the unit, we started tacking up molding, driving eight 1-1/4" brads in less than 40 seconds. Out in the shop, it punched 2" brads into 2×4 scraps as fast as the nailer would allow.
After 15 fasteners in a row, this little unit, with its 1-gallon tank, could no longer keep up—pretty impressive for a compressor that cost half as much as the nailer. We blew dust off a jewelry box before applying finish, and found that the FP2028’s airflow quickly became too weak. It’s definitely not a high-volume model, but more than sufficient for weekend woodworkers and DIYers who need to power a pneumatic nailer. It also comes with a sport-ball needle, two plastic inflation nozzles, and a tire chuck. One quibble: With no pressure adjustments, the compressor always pumps out 100 psi, so you can’t dial it down to use with a hobby airbrush, for example.

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