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* Use to finish over 100 projects such as changing car oil, sharpening lawnmower blades, rotating tires, performing engine repair and maintenance, inflating car and bike tires, painting furniture, installing trim and molding, building a deck and more
* 40% longer air tool run time
* Space-saver: same air power as a 26 gallon unit in a smaller tank

* Includes 24 piece auto kit: 3/8" air ratchet, ½" impact wrench, 3/8" butterfly impact wrench, general purpose spray gun, tire inflation gun, oil change kit which includes 3/8 inch drive oil filter wrench, 6 impact sockets for drain plug removal and 8 quart capacity oil drain pan with pour spout and funnel, ½" drive, ¾" – 13/16" SAE flip socket with 3" extension to remove most common size lug nuts, 3/8" x 25' air hose, coupler ½" industrial style female, 3 ¼" industrial style male plugs, 2 ¼" industrial style female plugs, and PTFE thread sealant tape

WOOD magazine review

High pressure gives you more operating air

Review Summary

Campbell Hausfeld’s new line of compressors gives you about one-third more usable air per gallon of tank capacity than most portable compressors by jacking the maximum pressure up to 200 psi. Available in 8-, 15-, and 20-gallon sizes, these compressors have oil-free pumps, which means they generate noise in the 85–92 decibel range. So be sure to wear hearing protection when the pumps engage to refill the tanks. We tested these units with a number of tools, and they performed admirably.
Because the motor and pump sit on the base just above the axle, the compressors feel less top-heavy than other tall-tank units we’ve used. They each have the same easy-to-read gauges and easy-to-adjust regulator. Although the two smaller models come with no accessories, the 20-gallon model comes with a 3⁄8"×25' air hose, 3⁄8" ratchet, 1⁄2" impact wrench, 3⁄8" butterfly impact wrench, spray gun, tire-inflation gun, and assorted accessories.

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